Real Time Ultrasound Machine

Pelvic Floor Assessments

As many women suffer from pelvic floor weakness after pregnancy, we use this technology to image muscles deep inside that are hard to examine and measure. The images can assist in determining the health and function of these muscles.

By simply imaging the lower tummy we can determine if the pelvic floor muscles are working well. In turn this allows us to tailor your fitness regime accordingly, to ensure you are using correct techniques and exercises within a safe level and in-line with your recovery process.

Core Muscle Assessments

Abdominal separation after pregnancy (rectus diastasis) is very common. And as your core muscles need to be working effectively to support the spine and pelvis, real time ultrasound can be used to image and see these ‘core muscles’. We can then identify which layers of muscle are activating when the core is contracted and if there are any problems with accurate contraction.

From here we can use the images to help you learn how to best activate your own core to support your lower back or pelvis. The real time ultrasound can be used not only to see the images but also to help train your muscular system.

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What We Offer


Our carefully considered Classes are designed to offer you a wide array of choices while on your pre or post-natal fitness journey.

1:1 Personal Training

Our expert specialist Pre & Post Natal Personal Trainers can give you the most personalised service throughout your pregnancy and beyond.


Our Crèche is available for all children from 6 weeks to 8 years and is supervised by our amazing team of educators.

Women's Physio

With a wholistic approach to womens health, we have on site Women's Health Physiotherapist to ensure you get the right advice from industry experts.


In house we host regular educational pregnancy related workshops to help like-minded mums learn from the best practitioners in the industry. Workshops such as breastfeeding, sleep consultants, & more.


Our Empower program combines our hugely popular Reformer Pilates with the accountability and tailored programming of personal training, for women who want to be strong, lean and toned.