The first of its kind


What we strive for:

We are leaders in the Health & Fitness space committed to revolutionising the female fitness journey before conception and well into motherhood. We prioritise the needs of women throughout these major milestones and support them and optimise their wellbeing as their physical needs change.

Our reason to exist:

We commit to our expertise in the fitness industry and the significant impact we can make to women’s physical wellbeing during their transformation to motherhood. Our unique business model focusses on giving women the proper care and knowledge they require for optimum health pre, post and well-beyond pregnancy. We believe in educating our community and sharing our expertise so mothers can maintain their best health for themselves and their families. We are driven by the ambition to change the industry and help as many women get the guidance they deserve to have access to.

What we do:

  • A range of pre & post-natal safe classes including reformer, barre, yoga, cardio, strength and mums & bubs
  • Crafted personal training
  • A standout, screen-free creche
  • Birth and beyond education
  • Fostering an unparalleled community of women

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A fitness franchise like no other

BUMP is a specialised segment in a growing industry. We are not joining an existing category, we are creating a new one.
And our conversion stats prove, it is a category that the market wants.



Low member number breakeven point and attractive annual revenue

Flagship club has proven strong annual revenue and continued growth with relatively low member numbers – a large portion of whom should come from our carefully planned pre-sales campaign.

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Approachable initial investment and strong ROI

Depending on club size, initial investment can be as low as $250k. Return on investment for each franchisee expected between 3-5 years.


High client retention model

Incredibly passionate members, an inviting community and a team of specially trained instructors who empower and educate our members to reach their best.

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Membership unaffected by seasonality

We have few seasonal barriers with population continuing to grow and babies born all year round.

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First mover advantage

You’ll not only be one of the first in market for a new offering, but you’ll also have more choice when it comes to picking your territory. 

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Franchisee support for every aspect of your business

Through real-estate, construction, sales, marketing, recruitment and training, we are here to support you every step of the way.

Our Story


Calum Wilson


Ross Lucas


For well over a decade, Calum and Ross have been working with the journey that women take into motherhood. Their knowledge and skills are second to none – and a great idea with a unique market position has been born.

BUMP has become a major influence in the wellness village for women who are entering a whole new stage of life. With more than 10,000 hours developed through working with pre and post-natal women, Calum and Ross bring a new lens to an under-served segment of the market. Their commitment to provide an elite level of expertise during the pre and post-natal phase is potentially life changing for women.

Having experienced parenthood up close and personally in their own families, they are even more determined to share their knowledge and learnings with as many people as they can. The style of their programs, classes and clubs are foundations of the community that has been built.

The BUMP experience is testament to their sensitivity to women’s health and wellness.



Can I suggest my own franchise location?

Yes, we encourage all interested parties to suggest their preferred location(s). To support decision making, BUMP will provide demographic intelligence around each site and will use this to define the specific target area for purchase.

Is my territory exclusive when purchasing a franchise?

Yes absolutely, and we work with you to hone in on how best to utilise that territory using technology mapping.

Can I own multiple franchise locations?

Yes you can and in fact you receive a discount on your initial franchise fee and the advantage of possibly having a larger territory area with multiple locations.

Who will I be able to contact on a daily basis for assistance?

BUMP has a dedicated team to support and guide you through the start-up and ongoing daily operations of your business.

What is a franchise agreement?

A Franchise Agreement is a legal contract that binds you (Franchisee) and BUMP (Franchisor) in business together.

Franchise Agreements outline the rights and obligations of the franchisee and the franchisor under the franchise arrangement and are compliant to the Franchise Code.

BUMP franchising is successful because our business formula was developed and tested by our founders Calum Wilson and Ross Lucas before being franchised. It’s important that the franchise agreement allows the franchisor to protect the proven formula and the established brand while providing space for future innovation and development.

What does the franchise application process involve?
  1. Quick expression of interest
  2. Let’s chat
  3. Complete Confidentiality Agreement and initial application form
  4. Financial modelling and Territory mapping call
  5. In-club experience (optional)
  6. Meet the leadership team
  7. Draft legal document provided (with 14 day disclosure period included)
  8. Go time – Legal document signed and Franchise fee paid
  9. Let’s get started – Training and onboarding commences
How long is the application process?

The application procedure takes 6-8 weeks on average, although this entirely depends on you as a possible franchisee. We will work with you at a speed that is comfortable for you.

Will head office be providing me support throughout the process?

Yes, we will be with you from the word go throughout finding a property, pre sales, training and operations once open. Furthermore, our preferred suppliers will support you through marketing, digital, HR advice and many more.

What does BUMP assist with?
  • Finding the ideal location for your club
  • Club design, detailed builders drawings and signage
  • Equipment purchase
  • Owner onboarding and training
  • Staff recruitment (if necessary) and training
  • Comprehensive pre-sale and sales training to maximise your club opening from day 1
  • On-the-ground support for Opening & Open Day
  • Marketing support
  • Ongoing front to back training and support
What training is included?

Quality and expertise are at the forefront of our ethos and therefore we impart our expert knowledge to all our new franchisees via part face to face and online. Continuing improvement is also something we value highly, therefore as we improve, you improve with us through ongoing training. The Franchise fee includes a comprehensive training program for all new franchise Owners. The cost of training is included in the franchise fee if purchasing a brand new studio.

Specific training is also provided to all instructors and PTs, the cost for this is included in the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).

What are the BUMP revenue streams?

BUMP has a variety of revenue streams, but our core revenue is from recurring membership fees and Personal Training packs.

What will my return on investment be from owning a franchise?

There are a significant number of variables to consider when owning and operating a franchise and therefore we cannot determine your success. Once an application form is submitted and after an initial call, we will work with you to talk through financial planning and forecasting and to assist you in preparation.

What is the franchise term?

The period, or term, granted under the BUMP Franchise agreement is 5 years with an optional right to renew the agreement for an additional 5 years.

Is BUMP the best franchise for me?

To be a BUMP Franchisee, our values, behaviours and core ethos should be consistent with your current or chosen lifestyle, and this should be among your primary considerations (along with price, location and growth potential) when buying into our franchise.


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